A step towards the future.

The sail plan of a yacht has always determined how the boat performs at sea; it is a keystone for research and evolution; the pursuit of technical advantages, which improve performance and ease of handling. And so, looking towards the future, the traditionally triangular mainsail has evolved to be more square-shaped. This is how the 40 – ST Square Top was born, and it brings the following advantages:

Square top mainsail, higher efficiency with more power at the top of the sail

The mainsail is more manageable with an E measurement of a shorter boom that is almost as long as the J measurement of the jib

Hence the performance is aerodynamic as well as hydrodynamic

Improved use of space in the cockpit, more suitable for a bimini

The rigging of the Solaris 40 – ST is an option for the Solaris 40 and represents a step towards the future and higher technology.

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